Triple D’s Lifestyle Essentials

Triple D’s Lifestyle Essentials was borne out of share necessity. Our brand represent my immediate family members' names. The D's represents Diana (myself), David (partner) and Deanna-Lynn (daughter). We reside in the northern parts of Manitoba in Canada. The issue is that, shopping online has always been challenging for us, and we often find it difficult to get certain products shipped to us. We figured that if we were able to source different hard to get products and make it available for community members including our family members, it would take the burden out of shopping online.

With that said, we are embarking on providing different products that are essentials to all works of life.

The convenience of this online store is to afford everyone the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their home. First and foremost, with the expectation to be able to purchase high quality product goods at an affordable cost. To have such products delivered intact with the guarantee and assurance that the product will be useful to your lifestyle We are aiming to provide excellent customer service and concerns and queries will be handled in a professional and amicable way.

We are committed to Customer Satisfaction Principles and the goal is for our customers to shop with confidence. We are aiming to make sure that our customers have a positive shopping experience and will be happy with the goods and services that we are providing.

Yours truly,

Triple D's Lifestyle Essentials Management Team