Triple D's Lifestyle Essentials, is an online platform that allows consumers to order online and directly receive delivery through different delivery modalities. We used a simple, easy-to-use modern eCommerce platform to distribute our products with the hope of being successful in today’s market place. 
We carry a wide range of essential and seasonal products such as school supply kits, teddy fleece sweaters, leggings, cardigans, Sherpa throws, bathrobes, scarves, small kitchen tools/appliances, personal items, accessories etc. suitable for different aspects of life. The intent is to serve primarily individuals in northern Manitoba that do not have much access to shopping malls or retail outlets. Our online store allows everyone to shop from the comfort of their living room.
Our mission is to remain committed to providing quality service, affordable products that meet consumers’ needs. We value our customer's experience and our primary goal is to provide effective, efficient, and customer-focused solutions guided by our Customer Satisfactory Principles where transactions, queries and complaints are handled professionally and amicably. Therefore, our customers can shop with confidence and the mindset that we are not satisfied unless you, our customers, are happy with the service received.